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Youth mental health statistics. This is why preventative mental health education matters for young Australians

Mental health education is suicide prevention.

We're reducing the national youth suicide rate by teaching Australia's first digital, peer-to-peer mental health first aid program, Brain Pilot, in Year 10, 11 & 12 classrooms, at scale around the country. 

This is our signature school incursion that invites participating students to engage in a hackathon experience. We work with students to co-design an improved wellbeing program within their own school.

The community's go-to program for advancing self-belief, compassion and mental health literacy in female-identifying youth. We deliver these tools and skills through classroom, community and event-based workshops

Frequently asked Q's

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What is mental health first aid?

(Peer-to-peer) mental health first aid training provides young Aussies with mental health first aid literacy , including knowledge and beliefs about mental health problems that aid their recognition, management or prevention. They are then able to provide 'aid' to a peer who may be developing a mental health problem, a peer experiencing worsening of a mental health problem, or a peer who is in a mental health crisis.

How much does it cost?

Our research and evidence-based program costs $29 for an individual and is offered on a package-based sliding scale for educational and community organisations.

How is the program delivered?

At ALLKND, we're reducing the national youth suicide rate by teaching Australia's first digital, peer-to-peer mental health first aid program, at scale around the country. Therefore, young Aussies can complete the digital training from wherever they are, whether that be in a classroom, or in their own time. The actual program is video-based (animated) and includes multiple-choice questions and private reflections.

What data and privacy measures are in place?

We conduct business in compliance with our our student data and privacy protection policy.

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Mental health, compassionately.

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