We're in the business of saving lives.

Talking to your mates about mental health can be turbulent.

But not if you fly with us.

frequent flyers:

Clearer skies ahead.

Australia's first digital, peer-to-peer, mental health first aid training program for young people.




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Click takeoff  to secure your boarding pass as a solo flyer or email us to organise a discounted group booking or apply for group sponsorship.

Once through the gate, you can log in to your 60 minute in-flight experience of education on suicide prevention, panic attacks and self-harm.

Pilot Evie and cabin crew will guide you through animated videos, private reflections and graded multiple choice quizzes.

Following a safe landing, you will be awarded with a custom certificate of completion in youth peer-to-peer mental health first aid training, AKA: official 'Good Mate' status.

You can also download our companion app Mayday for any future turbulence.

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3 simple steps to 'good mate' status

Literally no excuses.

For when your bestie hits
the call button at 2am.

our free companion app

Pocket-sized decision tree for varying levels of mental health crises. And yes, that is Captain Evie.